The King of the Blues is Dead

As many of you will already know, B. B. King sadly passed away on 14th May 2015 aged 89.

According to Edward M. Komara, BB introduced a sophisticated style of soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that would influence virtually every electric blues guitarist that followed. His influences are far and wide and include Eric Clapton, The Edge and Slash.

BB’s classic songs include “The thrill has gone”, “3 O’ clock blues” and my personal favourite,¬†“Sweet little angel”.

Many people know that BB’s guitar was called Lucille and an interesting fact is that in 2005 Gibson made a special run of 80 Gibson Lucille’s – these were referred to as the 80th Birthday Lucille.

If you get chance, try and catch the Big Boy Bloater Blues Magazine Show on Team Rock Radio where they have done a fantastic tribute show to the great man.